Conference Logo

8:30am-8.45am Breakfast and Introduction

Matteo Brunelli – President of the LSESU USA Society

Join us for breakfast and opening remarks.

Catering will be provided.


 9.00am – 9.45am: Opening Speaker

Professor Craig CalhounDirector of the LSE


9.45 – 11:15am 1st Panel: “Is the TTIP feasible and what Impact will it have?” (Economic)

Chair: Professor Stephen Woolcock – Professor of International Relations at the LSE

Alistair Evans – Head of Government Policy at Lloyds

John Healy MP – Former Financial Secretary to the Treasury

Jacqueline Minor – Head of Representation for the European Commission in London

Shawn Donnan - Financial Times World Trade Editor


11am – 12pm: First Keynote Speaker

‘Divorce, Drift or Indifference? Transatlantic Relations  in an Asian Century’

Professor Michael Cox – Professor of International Relations at the LSE and Founding Co-Director of LSE IDEAS.


12pm – 1pm: Lunch

Catering will not be provided.


1pm – 2.30pm 2nd Panel: “What is the impact of the ‘Pivot to Asia’ on the Transatlantic relationship?” (Political)

Chair: Dr Michael Williams – Reader in International Relations at Royal Holloway 

Edward Lucas – International Affairs Editor of The Economist

Francois Rivasseau – Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in the US 

Professor Jim Bergeron – Chief Political Advisor for the Allied Maritime Command


2.30pm – 3.15pm: Second Keynote Speaker

Sir Richard Ottaway - Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee


Coffee Break: 3.15pm – 3.30pm

Catering Provided.


3.30pm – 5pm 3rd Panel: “What is the Future of NATO?” (Security)

Chair: Prof. Peter Trubowitz – Academic and Scholar in American Grand Strategy at the LSE

Captain David Stracener – US Naval Attache at the US Embassy in London 

Dr Liam Fox – Former Defense Secretary of the UK

Sir Stewart Eldon – UK’s former permanent representative to NATO

Professor Michael Clarke – Director General of the Royal United Services Institute


Venue Change: The Shaw Library, LSE and The Senior Common Room

5.30pm – 7pm Closing Keynote Speaker and Reception

Susan DangerManaging Director of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU)

Join us for our final keynote speech in the Shaw Library. After we will head to the Senior Common Room for our drinks reception: a chance to network and listen to LSE’s very own String Quartet. 


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